NNEETTI Summer PD 2017

Project ReCharge Welcomes 28 New Teachers

Thanks to The Nevada Department of Education Math/Science Partnership Grant and our Northern Nevada Energy Efficiency Teacher Training Initiative (NNEETTI) partners: University of Nevada Reno, Washoe County School District, Carson City School District, Pyramid Lake Bureau of Indian Education Tribal Grant School, and the Northwest Regional Professional Development Program, Project ReCharge is expanding into 15 schools across 5 Northern Nevada school districts during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

We launched this year’s program with a 5-day summer intensive training (held last July 24-28th). The Professional Development (PD) was a huge success and will be followed up with monthly trainings throughout the year.  Participating teachers said that the PD was a “well rounded exposure to the program and there were wonderful lesson plans.”  They “loved the hands on activities an explanations.”  Below are a few photos from the summer PD.  More photos can be found on flickr.

Teachers that participated in the July Professional Development engaged in numerous hands-on, energy focused activities like using solar panels to pump water to experiment with different passive cooling techniques on a model house. Lessons on Wind, Solar, and the importance of the Building envelope (the area between the interior and exterior of the building) are just a few lessons apart of the 8-12 week Project ReCharge Curriculum. Middle school and high school teachers made windmills as part of the Project ReCharge program that will be taught in Washoe, Carson City, Pyramid Lake, Douglas and Dayton Counties beginning Fall 2017.

On behalf of the Project ReCharge team and partners, we welcome our new educators and look forward to supporting them for years to come!

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