Professional Development

Partnership with the University of Nevada Reno STEM Raggio Research Center allows Project ReCharge teachers the opportunity to receive 45 hours of hands on professional development and 3 graduate credits for their participation in the program. The Project ReCharge training model includes a three to five day, intensive summer institute followed by monthly two-hour sessions throughout the school year.  The summer institute provides in-depth content about the Next Generation Science Standards, the pedagogy behind the 5E Learning Model as well as the activities in Unit 1-3, depending on time.  The remaining lessons are taught during monthly sessions throughout the year and allow teachers from different schools and grade levels to collaborate and share various teaching methods, modifications and best practices.   The graduate credits can be used towards district recertification or used to progress up the district pay scale.

This training model can easily to modified and adapted to fit the needs of the teachers, school districts and specific funding parameters.