Sustainability Tour

Envirolution Sustainability Tour

Every Fall Break your student has the opportunity to Explore:

  • Exciting Green Careers
  • Environmentally Friendly Business Practices
  • Our Local Sustainability Movement

The Envirolution Sustainability Tour is an exciting five-day opportunity for Northern Nevada middle school and high school students to travel to some of Reno’s finest sustainability businesses and organizations to explore green careers, environmentally friendly practices, and learn about the local sustainability movement. We will conclude the week with a cleanup of Pickett Park.

The $120 WEEK LONG Tour includes:

  • Guided tours to sustainability venues
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Transportation
  • Fun SWAG
    *financial assistance and single-day tours available – please call or email to inquire.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this years Sustainability Tour on October 3-7, 2016

Our 2nd Sustainability Tour was held during the Washoe County School District Fall break last October.  A behavior change survey indicated that there was a 50% increase in knowledge about sustainability issues. Before attending the tour only 33% of the students were interested in pursuing green careers or incorporating sustainability into their future career. After the tour, that number jumped to 93%!!

Carol Perry, one of our tour partners from the Regional Transport Commission said  “The Sustainability Tours offer so much to the students and the community at large, and there are rewards for the participating partners as well.  It’s quite uplifting to be able to assist in inspiring the next generation to understand the importance of sustainable practices and to engage in more three-sphere compatible behaviors.”


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Tour Information & Sample Venue Details*

WHO: Middle School and High School Students, ages 12 to 18!

WHEN: Held During Washoe County School Districts Fall Break- 2017 Date has not yet been posted
– Monday – Friday: 8:30a – 3:30p

WHERE: Drop off and Pick up is at the Envirolution Office at 190 East Liberty Street (we are in the same parking lot as The Discovery Museum).


  • Mon. 10/03/16

    We will be visiting the Peppermill's geothermal system & sustainability practices to see renewable energy technology in action.

    In the afternoon, we will stop by the Nature Conservancy to find out about the history of the lower Truckee River, how the ecosystem was impacted and how the Nature Conservancy went about to restore the riparian and river ecosystems.

  • Tue. 10/04/16

    We will take a trip to the Lockwood Landfill to learn about their sustainable treatment of waste and drop by the Commercial Row Recycling Center to learn about Reno's recycling practices and the new single string recycling facility that will open in 2017!

    Afterward, there will be a fun hands-in activity led by KTMB Waste Warriors.

  • Wed. 10/05/16

    We will visit NV Energy to find out about their electric car highway charging infrastructure and to hear about some of their plans for alternative energy & Envirohaven to explore sustainable building practices.

  • Thu. 10/06/16

    We will be visiting Patagonia & River School Farm for two great local examples of sustainable development models.

  • Fri. 10/07/16

    A Vision Board exercise on Friday morning reinforces everything that students have learned during the week.

    We finish our week with a Trash Cleanup at Pickett Park, Envirolution's KTMB Adopt-a-Spot park, as a way to act sustainably and give back to our community.

*locations subject to change.

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