By end of the summer, we have finished two professional learning sessions, one virtual, and one in-person. We welcomed 47 new teachers from 10 different school districts all throughout Nevada and one each in California and New York. We even had teachers join us in person all the way from Elko and Las Vegas! This group of teachers was truly wonderful; their passion, engagement, and dedication to STEAM and sustainability made this training so much fun! Participating teachers will also receive over $2,000 in hands-on materials to take to their classroom and students. We would like to thank Desert Research Institute for hosting our in-person session and NV Energy Foundation and Tesla for their funding that contributed to making this possible!

“This training was truly valuable! It was so well planned and thought out. All involved were knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. It is clear that Envirolution’s staff goes above and beyond to support teachers in their mission to bring sustainability teaching into their classrooms”

-PL Participant