Bring your families and join Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) at the Discovery for an evening Waste Warriors presentation on Wednesday, September 12 from 6:00-6:45pm and a full day of Waste Warriors activities and science demos led by Discovery educators on Saturday, September 15. Waste Management will have a truck in the Discovery parking lot for visitors to inspect on Saturday as well!Read More →

The University of Nevada Reno hosted a Service Palooza on August 27. Envirolution spoke with many college students about Project ReCharge and our Sustainability Tour. Several students were pursuing engineering and Environmental Science degrees. One student said that she decided to become an Environmental Science major due to taking Project ReCharge in High School!Read More →

Envirolution is hiring! We are recruiting for an AmeriCorps member to be our Education and Outreach Coordinator. This individual will help Envirolution with our Project ReCharge interactive energy education program and other sustainability projects. Interested candidates should contact by August 31, 2018. Here’s a link to our position description.        Read More →

Nathan Bergrin is Envirolution’s summer intern. Nathan is a rising high school senior at the Davidson Academy of Nevada. He attended Envirolution’s Three Spheres Leadership Academy in 8th grade and is now an intern “in order to give back to the organization.” Nathan is a senior member of Davidson’s Speech and Debate and International Public Policy Forum teams, and has been involved in several research projects with the University of Nevada, Reno. In his free time, Nathan enjoys drawing and music composition and intends to pursue architecture and design in college.Read More →

Envirolution is pleased to announce that an initial disbursement of $262,700 has been granted by Tesla for Project ReCharge to help support STEM and sustainability efforts at the K-12 level in Nevada. The goal of Tesla’s investment is to encourage students of all backgrounds to consider a career in STEM or sustainability, and to develop the next generation of engineers in Nevada. Envirolution has worked with Tesla to establish a detailed, multi-year plan around this common mission for Nevada and will use this funding to expand Project ReCharge across the state of Nevada reaching 125 new teachers and 100,000 students in 30 schools. We’re looking forwardRead More →

The NV Energy Foundation has provided Envirolution with an $8,000 grant. The funding will provide more classroom materials, updated curriculum and ongoing support, allowing these teachers to reach more students with the engaging STEM lessons. This follows a $7,000 grant by the NV Energy Foundation last January. “NV Energy is proud to help support Envirolution and its Project ReCharge program,” said Mary Simmons, NV Energy’s Vice President of Business Development and Community Strategy. “The program helps keep students engaged in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and will help students and teachers alike be successful.”Read More →

The funding will be used to support the Professional Development of 20 Project ReCharge STEM teachers for the 2018-2019 school year and to supply them with necessary classroom curriculum and materials needed for a successful year. “The NGOE is pleased to be a partner in Project ReCharge. It is exciting to see and assist in promoting the development of young leaders in the energy industry!” Vanessa Robertson, Executive Director for Envirolution said, “Each year, we rely upon strategic funding partners to help us support the many teachers in the state that provide STEM education. Project ReCharge provides curriculum that meets state and federal teaching standardsRead More →

Linda Hixenbaugh is a Project ReCharge teacher at Carson High School. She teaches 9-12 grade environmental science and biology and has been teaching for 27 years. Her favorite pastimes are hiking, photography, painting, and advocating for the environment. Linda began her love for teaching in kindergarten, when helping her younger sister learn to read and she realized later in life that she felt happy when she could see a student understand a concept. If Linda won the lottery, she would spend the money on missions to help the environment. Linda promotes sustainability by recycling, both at home and at school, and reusing plastic bottles. SheRead More →

Athena Klock is a Project ReCharge teacher at Pine Middle School.  She teaches 7th grade integrated science and 7/8 integrated math and has been teaching for 13 years.  She and her spouse have a 10 year old son and she enjoys cooking, reading, and taking hikes. Athena’s favorite part of teaching is definitely the kids, especially when they understand a concept.  She was inspired to teach because of her want to see that children of low socioeconomic status or of different races get an equal opportunity to education. She discovered she wanting to be a teacher after spending five years working as a scientist andRead More →

Peggy Merrell is a Project ReCharge teacher at Dayton High School. She teaches all grade levels of biology and environmental science. Peggy’s favorite part of teaching is when students “get it” and everything falls into place. If Peggy won the lottery, she would travel the world. Peggy promotes sustainability by using reusable grocery bags she keeps in her car, and she recycles her water bottles for use in school labs. She is learning more about sustainability through online courses and has attended several environmental conferences. She plans to conduct trash audits with her classes in the future.Read More →