An extraordinary journey defined by unwavering dedication and transformative leadership gracefully concludes one chapter, poised to embrace the next. At its heart is a true visionary who has been shaping Envirolution’s path since 2013. From her beginnings as a dedicated team member to her role as Executive Director in 2017, Vanessa’s impact has been profound. Her innovative spirit ensured the continuity of our UNR partnership and ignited collaborations with Tesla and the K-12 Education Gift Fund. Under her guidance, our staff grew from 3 to 10, while new programs like Career Quest and partnerships with Apple Inc. took flight. When challenges arose, Vanessa’s resilience shoneRead More →

Cleaning out your closet can lead to unexpected treasures. Among these treasures, many of us find old sneakers that have been long forgotten. While these sneakers may no longer be in style or fit just right, they can still play an essential role in our mission for a sustainable future. A Step in the Green Direction We’re excited to introduce “Sneakers for a Cause,” a unique initiative by Envirolution. Through this fundraiser, we aim to recycle gently-worn sneakers, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable world. Not only do you declutter your space, but you also play a pivotal role in our efforts toRead More →

Envirolution Receives Prestigious EPA Grant to Foster Environmental Education and Innovation Envirolution, a renowned environmental nonprofit organization based in Reno, Nevada, focused on sustainable education outcomes, STEAM curriculum, and project-based learning opportunities, is thrilled to announce that it has been selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to receive $90,000 as part of the competitive Environmental Education Grants Program. EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan unveiled the news on 8/14/2023, acknowledging the selection of 33 organizations across the country, including four Minority Serving Institutions, to receive over $3.1 million in funding. Envirolution is proud to be recognized for our commitment to environmental education, stewardship, andRead More →

The onset of a new academic year brings a perfect opportunity to integrate sustainable habits into our school routines. As both students and teachers prepare to delve back into the realm of learning, adopting eco-friendly practices can lead to a more conscious and rewarding school experience. Whether you’re a novice at sustainability or a practiced green enthusiast, implementing a few essential eco-tips can greatly benefit our environment. Explore our curated list of green suggestions designed to guide both students and educators towards a more sustainable and impactful academic year ahead! Teachers StudentsRead More →

From July 24-26 veteran Project ReCharge teachers and master teachers gathered to ReFresh their learning on new lessons to the Project ReCharge curriculum, and for the first time, paired with Career Quest community events. New lessons included Transportation, Geothermal, Food Sustainability, Climate Scene Investigation, and Biomimicry/ Reverse Engineering! The Career Quest events allowed educators to experience firsthand what their students would at different Career Quest business locations. They were also able to see how the Project ReCharge curriculum connects to the Career Quest events. They visited Tesla, Redwood Materials, Ormat, ClickBond, the Landfill, and the Manufacturing Recycling Facility. Learn about Career Quest options for theRead More →

As summer arrives, let’s make it a season of sustainability and fun in the sun! In this blog post, we’ll share summer-specific tips to help you embrace eco-friendly choices and make a positive impact. Let’s dive in! This summer, let’s have a blast while embracing sustainability. Following these tips can make a positive difference and create a greener future. Together, we’ll enjoy the season while preserving our planet’s beauty.Read More →

Thank You Laura! This month, we say goodbye to Laura Scarselli, our wonderful Project ReCharge manager. Her passion and dedication have greatly contributed to our growth and success. While we are sad to see her go, we are so excited for a new chapter in her career, bringing her incredible teaching skills back to the classroom. We are grateful that Laura will continue to be involved with us as a Master Teacher, sharing her expertise and guiding others on their educational journeys. Welcome To The Team Roger! We are excited to welcome Roger Cramer as our new Project ReCharge Manager. Roger is not your averageRead More →

The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust has been supporting Project ReCharge teachers and classrooms in northern Nevada since 2021 when they awarded a grant supporting virtual instruction and our ongoing adaptation to the pandemic. The Trust is a long-standing champion of education, community, and environmental causes in northern Nevada, New York, and New Jersey, with more than 70 years of history and over 1.4 million in annual grants in 2021. Envirolution is grateful for this partnership and looks forward to hosting a professional learning session in June 2024 and providing classroom resources in northern Nevada for the 2024-2025 school year, thanks to their recent generousRead More →

Project ReCharge is excited to announce that two new lessons have been added to the curriculum! Michelle Hollis helped develop the Biomimicry and Reverse Engineering lesson, where students dissect a flower to consider ways they could reverse engineer the structure and function of the flower to create a solution to a sustainability problem. Eric Heiselt helped develop the Food Sustainability lesson, where students investigate the full circle of crop production and transportation to consider more sustainable ways to buy, package, and distribute food. Don’t miss the ReFresh session in collaboration with our Career Quest program July 24th – 26th. This will be an in-person professionalRead More →