Cont Drawing

CSI – Climate Scene Investigation: Envirolution is proud to announce a newly developed activity for students to investigate the effects of greenhouse gases and climate change. This lesson was designed to be a reverse escape room – instead of students breaking out of a room, they will solve puzzles to break into our tool kit to determine who should be held responsible for this real-world problem. Stay tuned for more information about how to attend our Professional Development Training and pilot this lesson in your classroom!

Art Integration: Envirolution has partnered with Arts for all Nevada to develop lessons that promote learning science concepts through art. It is important to Envirolution, that we take our curriculum from STEM to STEAM in a meaningful way that supports our teachers. Through this partnership, we have developed a series of lessons that target art and science standards. These lessons allow students to explore different art styles, while also using their work to understand abstract science concepts. Topics include: learning complete circuits through continuous line drawings, investigating thermal/electrical conductivity via block print, and figuring out passive heating/cooling through the creation of stained glass windows. We are excited to share and utilize these lessons in the upcoming school year.