Like so many organizations and individuals, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way Envirolution is operating. Although our programs and day to day work routines look different, we are committed to continuing to educate and engage students, teachers and community members in our efforts to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and workers.  Please see below for specific adjustments we have made since March 2020. 


Project ReCharge

Many school districts throughout Nevada have had to adjust to distance learning therefore creating a growing demand for virtual tools and resources. To accommodate this need, Project ReCharge has not only modified our curriculum and professional development training to be utilized in a virtual setting but is also providing teachers and students with individually packaged hands-on STEAM materials that can be used in the classroom and at home. Due to the restriction of shared materials in the classroom, Project ReCharge will provide one of the few opportunities students will have to engage with hands-on materials in a safe manner. Envirolution staff and volunteers involved in preparing material kits will be following safety guidelines and will be wearing face coverings at all times. Returned materials will be in isolated quarantine for at least 5 days and all materials that are redistributed will be wiped down and sanitized after each use. For more detailed information regarding the sanitation of materialis, please refer to the “Materials Preparation” section. 

Career Quest

Envirolution is currently in the process of creating a virtual platform for Career Quest which would allow students to engage in STEAM career exploration and development with local businesses through virtual company tours, virtual employee led presentations, and activities. Envirolution would provide all of the necessary equipment, training, and materials needed for students and businesses to participate. 

Sustainability Expedition

Envirolution’s Sustainability Expedition typically occurs during the Washoe County school district spring break, however Envirolution has decided to postpone this week long event until it is safe for students, teachers, and community partners to gather at businesses. 

Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day

The national event, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, will be going virtual this year. On February 25, Envirolution and Tesla will be providing over 1,200 6th-8th grade girls with the opportunity to engage in this event from the comfort of their own homes. The virtual event will showcase a variety of engineering careers and the inspiring female faces behind them and will provide students with an exclusive look inside the innovative tech company through virtual tours and engaging videos provided by Tesla. Envirolution will also provide participating students with all of the necessary materials needed to engage in this event. All personnel involved in material preparation for this event will follow safety guidelines. 

Envirolution Office


The Envirolution office is currently only open to staff and authorized personnel to meet state capacity compliance. Public visitations, meetings, or other gatherings without prior notice are strictly prohibited. If you do need to visit the Envirolution office, please make sure to contact a staff member to ensure that safety precautions and protocols are met. Face masks or coverings must be worn at all times by employee staff and authorized visitors when in the office. The Envirolution office is regularly cleaned and sanitized to minimize exposure. Envirolution has developed this plan in accordance with keeping staff and visitors safe during office operations. These plans are subject to change as news and advancements in addressing COVID-19 concerns are discovered.

Materials prep/Volunteers 

Any volunteers involved in classroom material preparation or other volunteering opportunities must contact Envirolution staff to coordinate the date and time of arrival in order to abide by state-mandated capacity limitations and safety precautions. Envirolution staff will ensure that volunteers and employees remain at least 6 feet apart and adhere to health and safety protocols. Volunteers must wear a face mask or face covering at all times. All Envirolution personnel and volunteers tasked with preparing and shipping materials kits must thoroughly wash their hands beforehand as well as after each time they touch their nose, face, or mouth. For further information regarding material preparation and safety please click here.


Envirolution is proud to say that we have not had to lay off/furlow or reduce staff time during this pandemic. We were able to receive $13,000 in PPP loans and have been fortunate to have the support and understanding from funders allowing for adjustments to programming goals. The Envirolution office is currently operating at a limited capacity to follow state-mandated guidelines. During this time, only a few Envirolution staff will be in the office at a time. All staff in the office are at least 6 feet apart and are required to wear face masks or coverings at all times and must follow sanitation and safety guidelines.