Your 100% tax-deductible donation goes directly to these crucial aspects of our program: 

Materials for Teachers: Our educators are the unsung heroes in the classroom, constantly striving to provide the best learning experiences for their students. Often, teachers dig into their own pockets to purchase materials and resources, going above and beyond to create engaging lessons. Your donation will fund the provision of high-quality, unique learning materials, valued at approximately $2,000 per teacher. These resources are essential in sparking the creativity of young minds and educating future leaders on complex issues in STEAM and sustainability. Your contribution ensures that teachers can access these resources and provide these learning opportunities without financial burdens.

Stipends for Teachers: Teachers work tirelessly to deliver exceptional education, and when they participate in Project ReCharge, we provide stipends to financially recognize their dedication and hard work. Your donation directly funds these stipends, providing each teacher with approximately $1,000. Help us put money in the hands of those who are most deserving, the teachers who strive every day to foster the minds of the next generation. 

Training, Curriculum, and Support: Project ReCharge offers more than just materials and stipends. We provide teachers with free training and curriculum, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to implement innovative and engaging lessons in the classroom. Plus, we provide year-round support for the issues they may face in the classroom. Your donation supports our staff members to develop our curriculum and provide the highest quality materials, trainings, and support to our teachers year after year. 

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Transparent Donation Allocation:

We want you to know how your donation is making an impact. At Envirolution, we pride ourselves on transparency. Here’s how your 100% tax-deductible contribution is allocated:

80% to Teachers: We are committed to ensuring that 80% of every donation goes directly to teachers. This means that the majority of your contribution is used to provide materials and stipends, empowering educators to create inspiring learning experiences.

20% to Support the Envirolution Team: We believe in the power of a dedicated team to drive change. By allocating 20% of your donation to our team, we can continue our work to support teachers and further our mission of enriching education.