Envirolution Funding Priorities

Thank you for your interest in Envirolution. Here’s what can happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000:

Scholarships for students to attend Envirolution’s Sustainability Tour

The Envirolution Sustainability Tour is an exciting five-day opportunity for Northern Nevada middle and high school students to travel to some of Reno’s finest sustainability businesses during the WCSD Spring break to explore STEM careers, renewable energy sources/innovative technologies and environmentally friendly practices. The $120 WEEK LONG Tour includes: guided tours to sustainability venues, lunch and snacks, transportation and fun SWAG.

A grant of $1,000 would cover the cost for eight (8) low-income or minority community participants to attend.

Valuable Classroom Resources provided to Project ReCharge teachers

Project ReCharge teachers are provided with classroom resources required to effectively implement the hands-on STEM lessons and activities within the Project ReCharge curriculum. These resources, which can be cost prohibitive to many schools, are delivered by Envirolution in packaged bins and ready to use, thus reducing the time teachers must spend preparing for lessons and acquiring necessary materials to successfully execute the lessons.

A grant of $2,500 provides 2 established Project ReCharge high school teachers with all classroom resources, updated curriculum and ongoing assistance to reach over 300 students!

Expand Project ReCharge Interactive Energy Education for STEM Teachers Into Schools Across the State of Nevada

Project ReCharge is a hands-on inquiry and project based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum and training program that engages students, teachers and professionals in the community. This interactive energy education program provides valuable professional development and classroom resources to teachers, who then engage students as they learn about energy generation, consumption and efficiency. Project ReCharge focuses on real world learning and application that has measurable impact on students, the environment and the community at large.

A grant of $5,000 will sponsor an annual curriculum update, based upon the latest relevant science and technologies, as well as from teacher feedback. A grant of $10,000 sponsors a new Project ReCharge teacher with 50 hours of professional development and all the classroom resources required to teach the inquiry based STEM lessons, giving them the resources to reach up to 2,300 students throughout their career!

Contact Vanessa Robertson, Executive Director at vanessa@envirolution.org to talk with her about ways to support Envirolution and how your support is acknowledged.

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, please contact the Community Foundation’s Stewardship Team at 775-333-5499 or go to www.nevadafund.org.