Feature A Teacher Campaign

Our Feature a Teacher fundraising campaign has come to an end and we have raised an amazing $12,698.19! All of this money will go toward providing teachers with FREE Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math classroom materials, real world curriculum, and valuable professional development training. Throughout this campaign, we have loved seeing all the teachers that made an impact in people’s lives. Teachers are, and have always been some of the most important and influential people in our lives and deserve all the support and love we can give them. We are so grateful that YOU helped support those teachers by supporting Envirolution. Even though our campaign has come to a close you can still support Envirolution and teachers by going to https://envirolution.org/get-involved/. We hope that you all continue to show teachers in your life some love and appreciation by either calling them or drop off some goodies and treats! Thank you, everyone, much love from everyone at Envirolution!

Thank You to a Few of Our Featured Teachers

Jack Harris Paul Fleming
Dr. Sara Atwood Carolyn Wyse
Caitlin Anderson Joseph Barry
Vicki Blackman Nellie Steffens
Todd Markey Lee Schroeder
Roger Ports Tiffany Kress
Jim Markey Herb Kernecker
Kayann Pillings Laurine Weneta
Christopher Reynolds Dr. Jessica McCall
Mrs. Woodbury Laura Scarselli
Katie Wallis Mrs. Lewis
Mrs. Geo Mrs. Jenkins
Holly Young Danielle Fleiner

Every Dollar Donated Makes Our Work Possible!