Project ReCharge Testimonials – Teachers

Project ReCharge Testimonials – Students

Project ReCharge Video Testimonials


Washoe County teachers and administrators talk about the value of STEM education and how Project ReCharge fits the needs of experiential hand-on teaching.

See what four students from North Valleys High School have to say about Project ReCharge in this short video.

Marissa McClish from the Washoe County School District speaks about the importance of STEM.

Jarell Green talks about Project ReCharge at their May 31 teacher appreciation event.

Jarell Green from Dilworth speaks about Envirolution and Project ReCharge.

Jason Geddes from the Washoe County School District talks about STEM and Project ReCharge at a teacher appreciation event on May 31.

Terin Kirk speaks about Project Recharge’s role in STEM education.


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