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Project ReCharge Teacher Profile: Athena Klock

Athena Klock is a Project ReCharge teacher at Pine Middle School.  She teaches 7th grade integrated science and 7/8 integrated math and has been teaching for 13 years.  She and her spouse have a 10 year old son and she enjoys cooking, reading, and taking hikes.

Athena’s favorite part of teaching is definitely the kids, especially when they understand a concept.  She was inspired to teach because of her want to see that children of low socioeconomic status or of different races get an equal opportunity to education. She discovered she wanting to be a teacher after spending five years working as a scientist and discovering that she loved teaching more.

Athena promotes sustainability by switching off light bulbs, and living in a small home so she doesn’t leave a large carbon footprint.  She is looking into having solar panels installed on her roof.