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Volunteer Spotlight

Come see our new office and support your community!

Now that we have expanded our space to accommodate more people, we are ready to have you and your groups come in and join us for a fun and impactful volunteering session. Our most frequent volunteer opportunity is to assist with material preparation, where you can work on a variety of tasks that support all of our programs, ranging from assembling Class Kits for Project ReCharge, to creating Simple Motor kits for Career Quest.

Recently, we hosted a small prep event with the AAUW. This amazing group is a great asset, and I would love to set up more events to help. They are open to non-members joining their prep hours, so keep an eye out for their volunteer meetups!

Alpha Phi Omega has been a great partner over the last few years, and this month we will welcome them to help prepare us for our Feature Our Future event at The Virgil.

Volunteer for Feature Our Future Fundraiser Prep

If you have any questions, please contact: jessica.holden@envirolution.org