• Interactive Energy Education in OUR Community •

What is Project ReCharge?

Project ReCharge is a hands-on inquiry and project based Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum and training program that engages students, teachers and facility staff. This interactive energy education program provides valuable professional development and classroom resources to teachers, who then empower middle school and high school students to become energy detectives focused on saving their school money through energy efficiency proposals.  Innovative lessons, energy data and interactive dashboards engage students and teachers as they learn about energy generation, consumption and efficiency.

Project ReCharge focuses on real-world learning and application that has a measurable impact on students, the environment and the community at large.

Want to Be a ReCharge Teacher?

As of December 2020, the Project ReCharge interactive STEaM energy program has:

  • Partnered with 40 schools across 9 school districts in the Northern Nevada and Northern California region
  • Provided 117 teachers with over 6,500 hours of professional development, valuable STEAM curriculum and over $240,000 in classroom resources
  • Engaged 30,000 middle school and high school students with hands-on inquiry based lessons and activities focused on energy generation, consumption and efficiency
  • Increased student content knowledge by 41% during the 2018/2019 academic school year, while also measurably increasing interest in STEAM careers
  • Driven the implementation of ten student LED lighting and sustainability projects (with four more in the works!) that have reduced our local school districts’ energy use by 3,400 MWh having saved $436,500, while mitigating the release of 1,400 metric tons of CO2e into the atmosphere.

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