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Every Project ReCharge lesson follows the 5E Learning Model using hands-on activities to help students build their own understanding through collaboration, life experiences, critical thinking, problem solving, and the engineering design. Students use what they learn to construct a proposal to reduce energy use, cost, and their carbon footprint at home, their school or at a local business – some of which will be funded by Envirolution and implemented in the community. 21st Century and SEL standards are woven through each lesson and supports Next Generation Science Standards for both Middle School and High School levels. This curriculum is designed to be supplemental to fit the needs of every teacher. Our curriculum is updated annually by licensed teachers and professionals, therefore teachers and administrators know they are using curriculum that meets the latest education requirements and standards. 

Curriculum Overview

Unit 1 ­ Energy Basics​: Students will increase their fundamental knowledge of electromagnetism, circuits, generating electricity, and renewable energy sources ­such as solar and wind.

Unit 2 ­ Thermal Systems​: Students will explore the transfer of thermal energy, compare differing qualities of insulation, and construct model houses that display passive heating and cooling strategies.

Unit 3 ­ Electrical Systems​: Students will investigate the electrical energy usage of lighting systems and appliances, determine life cycle costs and simple payback of energy efficiency upgrades. Students will also learn to analyze home energy bills ­all while connecting energy saving recommendations to their environmental impact.

Unit 4 ­ Energy Detectives​: Students will familiarize themselves with real energy data, explore electrical loads and analyze school energy bills.

Unit 5 ­ Student Projects​: Students will team up to come up with energy conservation measure recommendations for saving energy and money which they will present to school administrators.

After students complete Unit 5, some proposals are selected to present at the End-of-Year Event, where Envirolution will choose several proposals to be funded and implemented.

2019 Project ReCharge Curriculum Map

2019 Project ReCharge Table of Contents