Envirolution 2024-2029 Strategic Plan: Empowering Sustainable and STEAM Futures

Envirolution is committed to fostering innovation in STEAM and sustainability education over the next five years. Our strategic plan aims to scale educational programs, integrate cutting-edge content, and promote inclusivity across gender and demographics in STEAM fields.

Objectives and Strategies

  1. Expand Educational Programs
    • Objective: Broaden the reach of programs like Project ReCharge, Career Quest, and EDGE2.
    • Strategies: Reach 3-5 new cities or states annually and achieve a 10-15% increase in female and underrepresented students’ participation.
  2. Develop a Sustainable and Innovative Curriculum
    • Objective: Adopt an open architecture curriculum emphasizing continuous innovation in sustainability and STEAM.
    • Strategies: Year-over-year increase in sustainable and STEAM-focused programs and integration of new open architecture resources annually.
  3. Support and Empower Educators
    • Objective: Provide professional development and resources to 500 STEAM teachers by 2029.
    • Strategies: Offer intensive training, expand teacher participation in programs, and establish lasting relationships.
  4. Engage and Educate Diverse Students
    • Objective: Engage 100,000 students in STEAM and sustainability concepts by 2029.
    • Strategies: Target diverse groups in various programs, including underrepresented genders and ethnicities.
  5. Increase Awareness in STEAM and Sustainability Careers
    • Objective: Boost student interest in STEAM and sustainability careers by 25-50% annually.
    • Strategies: Enhance access to career information and utilize assessment tools for measuring interest.
  6. Ensure Sustainable Funding
    • Objective: Increase annual funding by 15-20% and diversify funding sources by 25-50% each year.
    • Strategies: Seek funding from foundations, state and federal grants, and business partnerships.