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STEAM Guest Speakers

Career Quest connects students to STEAM community professionals to hear firsthand the benefits of STEAM education and to learn about diverse educational pathways and local job opportunities available to them. We currently have in-person and virtual opportunities for our STEAM guest speakers. We provide all guest speakers with virtual development workshops to create presentations that encourage student participation.

In-Person Events

Location Summary


An innovative company with a mission to help accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. In pursuit of their goal they build products that replace some of the planet’s biggest polluters.

Click Bond

Creates innovative adhesive-bonded fasteners using the latest developments in material and process science and their diverse and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Wood Rodgers Engineering

Providing engineering services for a sustainable community. They provide services like; aviation, civil engineering, geotechnical, surveying and mapping and many more.

ROC (Reno Orthopedic Clinic)

Provides N. Nevada with comprehensive, world-class orthopedic care. Their physicians specialize in joint replacement, sports med, fractures, spine care & more.

TMWA (Truckee Meadows Water Authority)

A not-for-profit, community-owned water utility. They have many innovative and sustainable aspects including the Verdi Hydroelectric plant and the Chalk Bluff Water Treatment Facility.

Redwood Materials

They are focused on building a circular supply chain to power a sustainable world. Their focus is about recycling battery materials to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Eco Recycling Center/Fulcrum BioEnergy/Landfill

Eco Recycling Center – A full campus where customers can handle all their solid waste and recycling needs and learn about products that can be recycled and where they go. Fulcrum – A clean energy company pioneering the creation of renewable, drop-in transportation fuels from landfill waste. Landfill – Approximately 3,200 acres of open land with the landfill on about 555 acres. They operate in ways that minimize the environmental impact with initiatives including converting landfill gas to energy and implementing sustainable practices.

Apple Data Center

Allowing people to do their everyday communication with their tech devices. The center is net zero and demonstrates many ways it’s working to be sustainable like getting 100% of its energy from renewable resources.