STEMinista Workshop Recap – April 3-7, 2023

  • During the spring break for Carson City School District, three teams from Carson Middle School and Eagle Valley Middle School participated in the STEMinista Workshop.
  • Girls, nonbinary, and genderqueer students became Empower Ambassadors by building energy-generating bikes from scratch while learning about the various components, wiring methods, and all the tools involved.
  • Envirolution held this STEMinista workshop at Eagle Valley Middle School with the help of Enel, Tesla, and AAUW. Participants worked in groups alongside staff and local career professionals while they learned about the engineering design process, understanding of basic circuitry / electronics, working in a team, problem-solving skills and leadership.

Real-World Experience

Through real-world electrical grids, students began to develop an awareness of energy conservation, energy transformation, and the advantages of energy efficiency through a tactile experience. Days one through three of the workshop consisted of building the

Women in Renewable Energy

By engaging with women industry professionals, we helped to solidify the very real possibility for the students that they, too, can pursue a career in the energy and engineering fields.

Enel’s Limited Edition of Everyday Superheroes: Women in renewable energy careers book by Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneidman was used throughout the week to highlight career opportunities while Enel employees joined the students, providing opportunities for engagement and mentorship.

STEMinista Ambassadors

Each participant is now a STEMinista Ambassador and will be able to teach engaging energy lessons at their schools and within their communities. Two Empowe bikes are now the property of Carson Valley Middle School and Eagle Valley Middle School.



Upcoming STEMinista dates coming soon!