Our Mission

Envirolution’s mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and workers who will drive the growth of a sustainable economy.

Our Vision

Our Beginnings


Envirolution was founded in 2007 by four Yale University classmates—Christian Dietrich, Antuan Cannon, Timothy Polmateer, and Alex Gamboa as a way to engage with the community and local sustainable organizations.  The name Envirolution is a portmanteau word consisting of environment, solution, evolution, and revolution, which are all important concepts to the organization and its participants.

As a result of their shared focus on youth engagement, general education, and career development, Envirolution’s co-founders have hosted community events in Reno and the East Village neighborhood in New York and organized environmental clubs at Yale and Pratt in Brooklyn.

While operating from New York, the organization’s presence in Reno was maintained by a core of dedicated volunteers. Over time, the co-founders saw the need to open a central office in Reno. In the Fall of 2013, the New York office decided to split from Envirolution and become a for-profit business called Envirolution One.

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