As part of Project ReCharge, students utilize learned concepts, skills, and real world data to create their own sustainability project aimed at reducing energy cost and consumption in their home, school, and community. Students research energy and sustainability issues within their community and present their findings through Public Service Announcements, Green School Certification, Energy Star Certification, Civic Engagement Projects, and Sustainability Proposals. During the Year End Teacher and Student Recognition Event, students present their projects to school administrators, parents, community members, and decision makers.

During the Year End Event, Envirolution announces winning projects and selects projects to be implemented throughout the school year.  Funding is secured by several parties, including local school districts (for the renovation projects). We collaborate with CLEAResult and others to ensure accurate energy savings and the rebates from NV Energy are then used to fund additional projects in the future.

To date, student projects have:

Green Business Program

Green Business Program (GBP) provides schools the opportunity to become certified green schools. In partnering with Envirolution, they perform a hands-on audit of the school and utilize a web-based software program that will track and collect metrics of the school. This program allows students in Project ReCharge to assist with the green audit to enhance their curriculum studies and provide them with real-world experiences. By becoming a green school, the school will save money, reduce the drain on local resources, and be identified as a green school in the GBP national database. For more information on the Green Business Program: click here

Support the Implementation of Student Projects

If you would like to support future sustainability leaders, consider financially supporting their energy efficiency and sustainability projects. Your donation will go towards implementing student projects which will help them reduce energy consumption and cost in their home, school, and community while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With your support students will have the opportunity to take ownership of their environmental future today that will impact the world tomorrow!

2020-2021 School Year

Prize-Winning Projects

Year end event 2021 live recording

  • All Encompassing
    • Eden B, Stacy L, Christopher S, Elena F, Jaslynn B from Sawyer MS
    • Project Link
  • Most Creative
    • Raquel W from Dayton HS
  • Best Group Collaboration
    • Eathan B-N, Jace C, Adrian C, Jacob H, Skylar H, Emma L, Madisyn M, Michael M, Caitlyn N, Ian P, Aaliah T, Audra W from Flag View IS
    • Project Link
  • Energy Saving Guru
    • Pablo S from Dilworth MS
  • Youngest Energy Detectives
  • Best Group Public Service Announcement
    • Fernanda G, Monse B. Augy, Daniel, Brayden from Empire ES
    • PSA Link
  • Best Home Proposal
  • Greatest Mentors
    • Caden K. Alyssa P. Teague K. from Reed HS

Projects To Be Implemented

  • Flag View Intermediate (Elko, NV) – Educational posters for reducing waste
    • Eathan B, Jace C, Adrian C, Jacob H, Skylar H, Emma L, Madisyn M, Michael M, Caitlyn N, Ian P, Aaliah T, Audra W
    • Project Link

  • Dilworth MS (Sparks, NV) – Home LED Lighting
  • Grant Sawyer MS (Las Vegas, NV) – School Recycling Program

2019-2020 School Year

Proposals Implemented / To Be Implemented

  • Carson Middle School – Solar Window Film

  • Eagle Valley Middle School – Energy Efficient Curtains

  • Dayton Elementary School – $125 in annual Home Energy Savings
Dayton Intermediate School & the Robotics / STEM students
Save Power Hour by Hour
  • $8,000-$10,000 in annual energy savings
  • $3,000-$5,000 in NV Energy Rebate

Dayton IS

2018-2019 School Year

Proposals Implemented

GM Heritage Homeschool:
Churchill Middle School:
Vaughn Middle school:
Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School:

kWh 14,374  | $1,509
kWh: 28,270 | $2,968
kWh: 117,620 | $12,350
kWh: 64,798 | $6,804
— *Plus an estimated $3,000 NV Energy Smart Schools Rebate as well!

GM Heritage

In 2019, Heritage Home-school completed a lighting proposal that replaced incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. They had a negative return on investment of 4.3 months when they paired their savings with the NV Energy rebate! Each year the LED lights will save them 14,374 kWh and $1,509 and they have reduced their schools annual carbon dioxide emissions by 22,000 pounds!

2017-2018 School Year

Wooster High School

Students from Mr. Coli’s Energy Technologies CTE class performed lighting audits and data analysis on lighting upgrade options during the 2017-18 school year program.  By the end of August, over 850 fixtures throughout the school were replaced with more efficient LEDs. Total savings: $72,020 and a reduction in the school’s annual CO2 emissions by over 467,000 lbs!

Sparks High School

Marie Smith’s students worked over nine weeks on their Project ReCharge proposals and were acknowledged for their efforts with an ice cream celebration hosted by McKinstry and Envirolution.  In May 2018, 988 fixtures were replaced with LEDs throughout the high school. Total savings: $41,990 in energy costs and 272,289 lbs of CO2.

Dilworth STEM Academy

This project helped replace over 400 fixtures with energy efficient LED lights. The Dilworth STEM Academy was able to save 129,000 kWh$16,770 in energy costs and reduce 108,747lbs of carbon dioxide emissions.

2016-2017 School Year

North Valleys High School

Mrs. Varner’s Physical Science Class and STEM Guest speaker Andy Dumond from CLEAResult worked on this energy savings proposal for North Valleys High School.  Exterior wall packs were installed in August 2017.  Eighty-two (82) 40W wall packs were installed with 18W LEDs.  Total savings: 7,772 kWh or $1,010 (.13/kWh), 6,551 lbs of CO2 reduced (.843lbs/kWh) and a $388 rebate from NV Energy went back to WCSD.

2015-2016 School Year

Dilworth STEM Academy

Multiple student groups from multiple classes focused on lighting.  WCSD had funding for the hallways, office and cafeteria. Completed in October 2016, 449 lamps were converted from 32W FL to 15W LED. Total saving: 33,501 kWh or $4,355 and 28,241 lbs of CO2 reduced (.843lbs/kWh) and $1,675 rebate back to WCSD.

Mendive Middle School

Multiple groups from multiple classes focused on lighting. WCSD had funding for the library and the project was completed in October 2016. (451) 32W FL lamps were replaced with (369) 15W LED lamps. Total savings: 20,379 kWh or $2,649 and 17,179 lbs of CO2 (.843lbs/kWh) was reduced.  A $1,018 rebate was given back to WCSD by NV Energy.

2014-2015 School Year

Reed High School

The first pilot project was completed at Reed High School.  Project ReCharge teacher Leigh Metcalfe and her Eco Warriors Environmental Club were responsible for the proposal. The first phase was completed in December 2015: 1,927 lamps (32 watt FL to 15 watt LED). The second phase was completed in May 2016:  5,389 lamps (32 watt FL to 15 watt LED).  Total savings: 275,149 kWh, $35,769 (.13/kWh), 231,950 lbs of CO2 reduced (.843lbs/kWh) and $13,756 in rebates back to WCSD.