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Envirolution Seeks Qualified Teachers for Project ReCharge
STEAM Curriculum and Training Program

Unique Teaching for a Sustainable World

As a teacher, you inspire your students to change the world.  Project ReCharge can help lead the way to a sustainable future. Project ReCharge provides educators with the curriculum, knowledge, and resources needed for an interactive STEAM education that inspires students to become sustainability detectives focused on reducing energy cost and consumption in their school, home, or community through sustainability projects. Project ReCharge focuses on real world learning and application that has measurable impact on students, the environment, and the community at large.

Participating Project ReCharge teachers receive extensive hands-on Professional Learning training on the lessons and activities covered in the curriculum.

For detailed information about the Project ReCharge curriculum and training program, visit: http://envirolution.org/programs/education/project-recharge/

Who Should Apply?

Elementary, middle, and high school science, technology, engineering or math teachers and educators involved in environmental science programs with a passion for sustainability.  Our lessons can be tailored to the appropriate grade level for younger or older audiences.

What is the Duration of the Program?

Teachers will be required to complete 45 hours of Professional Learning training throughout one academic year. They will be given the entire curriculum that meets educational teaching standards and all the materials and resources necessary to teach the program.  Teachers may qualify to receive a $1,000 stipend or hours necessary for license renewal. 

The Professional Learning training is begins during the summer through virtual and in-person sessions.

The Project ReCharge team provides you support long after your initial training year and throughout your career as a STEAM teacher.

What Role Will You Play?

You will inspire your students with the Project ReCharge curriculum that consists of five separate units of hands-on, project-based lessons and activities focused on sustainability, energy generation, consumption, and efficiency.

Teachers are required to instruct and support their students as they write sustainability projects that offer ways for their schools and communities to reduce energy costs, save money, and mitigate carbon emissions. Assistance with these projects is provided by Envirolution and numerous STEAM and energy professionals.

Application Process

Please use the button above to fill in the pre-application for Project ReCharge. This application does not guarantee admittance into the Project ReCharge program and factors such as the number of applicants as well as your qualifications play a role in the acceptance.  

The Project ReCharge staff will be in contact with you within 3 weeks of your application submission.

For more information email: office@envirolution.org.