Welcome to ‘Coffee with Mishkat,‘ where a Monday morning coffee transforms into an inspiring session. Today, joined by Nicole Harvey, a seasoned corporate attorney, we delve into the essentials of corporate governance in nonprofits over a brew that she claims might just rival Starbucks.

Today, we’re zeroing in on how governance isn’t just about steering but nurturing the mission of nonprofits through dedicated oversight and ethical practice.

Key Insights from the Boardroom

  • Oversight and Strategy: The board ensures that operations align with the mission and strategic goals, safeguarding resources and guiding long-term planning.
  • Compliance and Accountability: Adherence to legal and ethical standards is non-negotiable, ensuring the organization maintains its accountability and tax-exempt status.
  • Conflict Avoidance: Nicole highlights, “Clear policies and ongoing education are crucial to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest effectively.”

Streamlined Wisdom

As our cups hit empty, Nicole reminded us that the core of effective governance is transparency, integrity, and accountability. These principles not only guide but inspire good governance.