Valuable Classroom Resources provided to all Project ReCharge teachers!

Participating Project ReCharge teachers are provided with classroom resources that are required to effectively implement the hands-on STEAM lessons and activities within the Project ReCharge curriculum. These resources, which can be cost prohibitive to many schools, are sourced, packaged and delivered by Envirolution in packaged bins and ready to use, thus reducing the time teachers must spend preparing for lessons and acquiring necessary materials to successfully execute the lessons.  

Each teacher is given a “class kit” that comes in one easy to carry bin and includes items such as multi meters, batteries, magnets, wires and numerous consumable items that are used throughout the curriculum.  A “school kit” is shared between two teachers and includes items that are less used and easier to share, such as solar panels, light bulbs, Kill-a-Watt meters, water pumps and kid wind turbine kits. All materials are packaged to meet the needs of 8 groups of students. 

Each year, Envirolution will evaluate the materials provided and make any necessary changes or modifications based on feedback from teachers and students. Contingent on funding, items consumed or damaged, will be replaced each year, representing the commitment to every participating teacher, every year.  

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