Envirolution, as an organization with educational programs, is dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunity. This Non-Discrimination Policy is aligned with the requirements of 40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7 and any other federal laws and regulations, ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and without discrimination. 

Policy Statement:

Envirolution prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation in any of its activities, programs, or employment practices.

1. Equal Opportunity and Inclusivity:

Commitment to equal opportunity in employment, program participation, and inclusive programs designed to serve a diverse population.

2. Accessibility:

  • Ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities.
  • Accessible facilities and digital platforms for all participants.

3. Grievance Procedures:

Envirolution has adopted grievance procedures in compliance with 40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7 or any other federal laws and regulations. These procedures assure the prompt and fair resolution of complaints alleging violations of non-discrimination laws. Grievance procedures are publicly available on Envirolution’s website and at our main office. The process includes steps for filing a complaint, investigation protocols, and resolution mechanisms.

4. Training and Awareness:

  • Regular training on non-discrimination, inclusivity, and related laws and regulations.
  • Awareness programs to promote understanding and respect among all staff and stakeholders.

5. Monitoring and Compliance:

  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure adherence to non-discrimination laws.
  • Prompt action to rectify any non-compliance issues.

6. Reporting and Transparency:

  • Individuals are encouraged to report any incidents of discrimination or harassment.
  • Assurance of a thorough investigation of all reports.

7. Continuous Improvement:

  • Commitment to continually enhancing policies and practices to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, including an annual review.
  • Seeking feedback for improvement from all stakeholders.

Step-by-Step Complaint Filing Process

Step 1: Awareness of Policy

  • Familiarize yourself with Envirolution’s Non-Discrimination Policy, available on the Envirolution website and at our main office. Understanding your rights and the organization’s commitment to non-discrimination is crucial.

Step 2: Identifying the Issue

Clearly identify the issue you wish to complain about. Ensure it relates to alleged discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation within 30 days from the last incident. Click here to use the form to report. 

Step 3: Documentation

  • Gather any relevant information or documentation that supports your complaint. This may include dates, locations, names of individuals involved, and any evidence of the discriminatory act.
  • If English as a language is a barrier, please send an email to in the subject line, copy-paste the harassment-discrimination complaint: no English, and type in your language and then send the email. Ms. Amy Lee Rice is the Point of Contact and can be reached at the above email address. 

Step 4: Filing the Complaint

  • Complete the form with all required details: your contact information, a detailed description of the incident, and any supporting evidence.
  • If you need assistance completing the form due to a disability or language barrier, contact Envirolution for support.

Step 5: Submission

  • Submit the completed form. This can be done electronically via the website or by mailing or delivering it to Envirolution’s main office.
  • Ensure you receive an acknowledgment of your complaint submission.

Step 6: Review and Investigation

  • Once submitted, your complaint will be reviewed by Envirolution’s designated non-discrimination officer or committee.
  • The complainant will receive an acknowledgment within 10 days, and a decision will be reached to close the complaint within 30 days. Failure to comply with the requirements, such as not submitting documentation, will result in dismissing the complaint within 3 days. 

An investigation will be initiated, which may involve contacting you for further information, interviewing witnesses, or reviewing documentation.

Step 7: Resolution

  • After the investigation, Envirolution will communicate the findings to you and explain any actions to be taken to resolve the issue in an email sent to the email used to complete the form. 
  • If the complaint is substantiated, appropriate measures will be taken to address the discrimination and prevent its recurrence.

Step 8: Appeal Process

  • If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may appeal the decision. Information on the appeal process will be provided along with the resolution. The complainant must submit a request to appeal within 15 days by sending an email to The Executive Director will review the complaint and reach a decision within 3 days. 

Step 9: Confidentiality

  • Throughout the process, your confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible. However, some disclosure may be necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

Step 10: Feedback and Follow-Up

  • Envirolution’s point of contact, Ms. Amy Lee Rice, may contact you after the resolution to seek feedback on the process and ensure your satisfaction with the outcome.