National Engineers Week runs from February 19th to February 25th this year! EWeek is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding and interest in engineering and technology careers.    

The national STEAM workforce needs to be more balanced between men and women. Of all STEAM jobs, only 27% are held by women, and this number drops significantly regarding the representation of women of color in STEAM fields. Our newest program, EDGE (The Empowerment and Development of girls in Energy and Engineering), hopes to combat this by encouraging young women to become energy leaders and inspiring them to pursue a STEAM career through hands-on and empowering events and workshops.    

Upcoming EDGE Events:

February 21st Virtual Introduce a Girl to Engineering day– in partnership with Tesla (3000+ students registered across 43 states and 47 countries!) for a 1-hour virtual tour of engineering careers at Tesla. 

February 23rd- In-person Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day- in partnership with Tesla (600 students across seven states visiting 16 Tesla locations!)

February 24th In person Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day– in partnership with UNR, Society of Women Engineers, and Enel Energy (60 students from Dilworth and Sparks Middle school in WCSD!)

April 3rd-7th E-Power Bike Workshop– in partnership with Carson City School District, Enel Energy, Tesla, and AAUW. (12 students will build an energy bike from scratch)