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Our 2022-2023 Annual Report: A Year of Remarkable Achievements and Growth

    Hello Envirolution Community,

    We are delighted to share with you our 2022-2023 Annual Report, a testament to our impactful endeavors and progressive strides in fostering a sustainable future.

    Highlights of the Report 🌿

    • Educational Achievements: We trained 540 educators, exceeding our target, and reached over 166,580 students, showcasing our commitment to STEAM and sustainability education.
    • Financial Growth: Our organization experienced a 30% increase in annual funding, reflecting our robust financial health and diverse funding sources.
    • Programmatic Success: Project ReCharge expanded into 17 cities across six states, while Career Quest and the EDGE2 initiative significantly advanced our mission.
    • Community Impact: We engaged with 4637 community members across 54 events, amplifying the reach and resonance of our sustainability programs.

    The Importance of this Report 📘

    • Transparency and Trust: Gain insights into our financial health, programmatic achievements, and strategic plans.
    • Inspiration for Engagement: Discover the stories behind our numbers and how your involvement makes a real difference.
    • Vision for the Future: Learn about our future goals and how we plan to expand our impact even further.

    Access the Report 🌐

    Dive into the details of our journey and achievements by reading the full report on our website: https://envirolution.org/annual_reports/. Share it with your network to spread awareness of our collective impact.

    A Year of Collective Efforts and Accomplishments 🤝

    Your unwavering support has been crucial to our success. Together, we’ve made significant advancements towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious world. Let’s continue this momentum and achieve even more in the coming year.

    Thank you for being a vital part of Envirolution. Here’s to a future where our planet thrives through our collective actions!