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Experience the new curriculum updates with our ReFresh Training!

ReFresh training will be back in Fall of 2022 with intriguing new lessons that have been added to the Project ReCharge curriculum!

Sessions will include a closer look at:

Date Time  ReFresh Class Description  Grade Level Standards
TBA TBA Climate Scene Investigation → Participants investigate the effects of greenhouse gases and climate change by completing a reverse Escape Room. Solve puzzles to determine who should be held responsible for this real-world problem.  Middle, and High School 
TBA TBA Geothermal Energy →  This unit is designed to introduce students to the exciting and complex world of geothermal energy. The series of lessons will  lead students through an inquiry based discovery of what geothermal energy is, where it is found, and how it is used to provide heat and electricity for homes and businesses. Middle and High School
TBA TBA School Energy and the McKinstry Dashboard → Investigate school buildings and their features in terms of energy efficiency. Use the McKinstry dashboard real-time data to compare and contrast energy usage to other schools similar to their own. Middle and High School 
TBA TBA Transportation and Sustainability → Consider why we need vehicles, examine existing options in transportation associated issues, a simple motor, and ask how we might reimagine or transform current transportation systems.  Middle and High School  

These lessons are available on the teacher portal – you may peruse the lesson and order materials from there! If you have any questions please reach out.