New Teacher Recruitment for the 2018-2019 Academic Year has CLOSED

Email for more information on how to sign up for future trainings and stayed tuned for our NEW PROJECT RECHARGE TEACHER APPLICATION- Coming in July, 2018

We are excited to welcome our new round of teachers during our
Summer Professional Development Training
July 23-25th, 2018
Swope Middle School

Participating Project ReCharge teachers will receive extensive hands-on professional development training on the lessons and activities covered in the curriculum. The current training model includes a three day, intensive summer institute followed by 2 Saturday sessions and 5 two-hour sessions throughout the school year.  The summer institute provides in-depth instruction regarding the Next Generation Science Standards, the pedagogy behind the 5E Learning Model as well as all the hands-on activities in Units 1-2. Guest speakers are integrated into the remaining professional development sessions throughout the year, providing teachers with information from energy and STEM experts which can then be brought back to the classrooms. These follow up sessions also allow teachers from different schools and grade levels to collaborate and share various teaching methods, modifications and best practices.  Partnership with the University of Nevada Reno STEM Raggio Research Center gives Project ReCharge teachers the opportunity to receive 3 graduate credits for their participation in the program. These credits can be used towards district re certification or used to progress up the district pay scale. Envirolution will work with School District administration and teachers on the preferred schedule and methodology of the professional development, meeting the needs of teachers and program partners.  

Teacher Testimonials from Summer Professional Development

“The quality of the professional development was one of the best I have ever had as a teacher or student”

“I love hands on activities that I can see my students doing. I really enjoyed the discussion leaders and the learning environment they created”

“This was truly amazing professional learning! Thank you so much for this invaluable opportunity!”