Working with Nevada small and medium businesses to reduce operational expenses and increase revenue, all while lessening their environmental impact.

Nevada Certified Green Business Program


Envirolution has been working on creating a green business program in the Northern Nevada community to help businesses go greener and increase their marketing opportunities to attract more consumers. As part of the green business program, businesses implement green practices and receive technical assistance, recognition and advertising. The green business program will be a certified green business program to ensure that this isn’t a “green washing” exercise, but rather a legitimate effort by companies to reduce their resource usage, learn energy efficiency measures, responsibly dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, and exercise best practices to have a positive impact on the environment and human health. In November 2013, Reno was recognized by the Kauffman foundation as the most up and coming entrepreneurial community for its size in the nation.  As a community we see evidence of this as more and more small and medium sized businesses are opening up every month. Each one of these businesses are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the rest, save money on overhead costs, and establish a lasting relationship with their customers.


  • Highlight and increase the success of businesses that value social, environmental, and financial sustainability.
  • Drive the adoption of more sustainable business practices.
  • Train the next generation of green business leaders.

Our NCGB program will help these entrepreneurial businesses accomplish these goals by showing them how to incorporate green practices into their business. These practices will not only save money and help a business become more efficient, but also demonstrates a commitment to conserving local resources, a huge plus for eco-conscious customers. Our third- party verification and certification is something that the entire community can be proud of and trust, knowing that all claims of sustainability have been checked by local experts.