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Recap: 2019 Year End Event



At the end of every school year, Envirolution celebrates the accomplishments of Project ReCharge teachers and students. The latter showcase their sustainability-driven proposals at an event with over 200 attendees; including other students, parents, teachers, community partners and Envirolution staff. Our most recent teachers to complete the program are formally recognized, and new initiatives for the upcoming school year are announced.

At the 2019 Year-End Event — held on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 — we recorded our highest attendance ever, and had plenty of good news to share! Some highlights can be found below. Read on…

Two (2) new student proposals will be implemented during the 2019-20 school year! Watch our Project-Based Efficiency Proposals page for more details.
-Chris Reilly, head of Education and Workforce Development at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1, was on-hand for the unveiling of a new, mobile Powerwall; developed for educational use through collaboration between Tesla, Envirolution and students from Edward C. Reed High School.
Two winning proposals from Envirolution’s Student Business Projects — a new extension of Project ReCharge, first piloted in March 2019 — were also announced. These two proposals will see the implementation of a lighting retrofit and a new waste education program, respectively, at Cathexes Architecture’s main office on 250 Bell St.
-Finally, a long-standing plan to begin a lighting retrofit at Pyramid Lake Jr./Sr. High School was approved. When finished, this proposal will save their school almost 65,000 kWh (and $6,804) a year, in addition to cutting their CO2 emissions by almost 55,000lbs.

THANK YOU to everyone involved for another successful year!

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