On January 21st, 13 volunteers from Facilitate Joy spent part of their weekend building 100 supply kits in support of “Introduce a Girl to Engineering day,” – Coming February 23rd. This fantastic team went above and beyond by helping us support this national event and even had time for a fun pizza party!  Facilitate Joy helps neurodivergent people thrive in a neurotypical world. You can learn more about their mission at: www.facilitatejoy.com.Do you have a group who wants to volunteer for Envirolution? Email Jessica at jessica.holden@envirolution.org to schedule a group session OR sign up for our pre-scheduled volunteer hours! Sign UpRead More →

 A new opportunity to accomplish your New Year’s resolution to support your community! Now that the holidays are over and we are settled back into the normal routine, we are ready to dive deep into getting materials prepped for our upcoming events and programs. In our new and larger training room, we can accommodate your work teams, group meetups, and organizations that are interested in helping out. We are now implementing monthly volunteer hours every third Friday and fourth Saturday of the month.  We are also flexible with finding hours that will work on your company’s time schedule. Late nights and weekends are open, as well. Just contact our Educational MaterialsRead More →

Envirolution attended the Family Science Night at the Discovery Museum on November 2nd in partnership with FIRST Nevada! We had an amazing time helping young minds explore efficient lighting and power production with our E-Bike. There were over 30 young minds that got hands-on experience with our fun activities! We also joined Washoe County School District at their Passport to Success nights on November 1st and 17th. Students and their families spoke with representatives from more than a dozen programs designed to provide opportunities for high school students to expand their educational horizons, pursue their interests, and develop their unique talents and abilities. Students enjoyed our hands-on activities and are getting excited about the Sustainability Expedition.Read More →

Come see our new office and support your community! Now that we have expanded our space to accommodate more people, we are ready to have you and your groups come in and join us for a fun and impactful volunteering session. Our most frequent volunteer opportunity is to assist with material preparation, where you can work on a variety of tasks that support all of our programs, ranging from assembling Class Kits for Project ReCharge, to creating Simple Motor kits for Career Quest. Recently, we hosted a small prep event with the AAUW. This amazing group is a great asset, and I would love to set up more events to help. TheyRead More →

Huge thank you to the Spirit group from Unity Center that came out on May 31st to help us get ready for our Project ReCharge virtual professional learning which will be held on June 27th-29th. These 6 volunteers were instrumental in helping assemble our kits that will allow our new teachers to engage in hands-on virtual training, which will prepare them to educate and engage the next generation of leaders starting next school year. THANK YOU! Want to help us prepare materials for teachers for the next school year? The next material preparation event will be held on June 24th and we have dates throughout July. Feel free to sign-up using This Calendly Link. Read More →

Envirolution would like to spotlight one of our most dedicated monthly supporters, Elena de la Pena. Elena was introduced to Envirolution through the local chapter of the American Association of University Women and was inspired by the impact that our programs have had on students by helping them gain valuable STEAM knowledge, skills, and experiences while making the environment a better place for generations to come. We cannot thank Elena enough for being a part of our mission and for supporting teachers and students throughout Nevada. You can become a monthly donor HERERead More →

Our park cleanup on March 12th was a great success. Over 50 members from the community participated in picking trash and trimming invasive willows at Teglia’s Paradise Park. We were able to pick up about 341 lbs of trash! This was the first of our quarterly park cleanups. Stay tuned for more details on when we’ll have the next one!  If you’re interested in volunteering, please sign-up HERE.Read More →

Are you interested in gaining a meaningful professional experience, empowering communities, and making a lasting difference? Join the Envirolution team through AmeriCorps VISTA!The Envirolution Research and Evaluation Coordinator VISTA will help improve the effectiveness of current programmatic evaluation processes while also assisting in the research in sustainability and STEAM-related content and reports while the Program Coordinator VISTA will help improve the effectiveness of current and future programmatic processes related to the empowerment of young women. Apply today to become an essential part of a rapidly growing nonprofit organization and make a difference in YOUR community. Read More →

Envirolution Volunteer AAUW 2020

We have material preparation happening continuously now so there are plenty of timeslots to fit your busy schedule.  Please sign-up today to help assemble the hands-on STEAM resources teachers use to inspire students in your community.  There are various time slots Wednesday-Saturday and you may sign-up at the CALENDLY LINK Here.Read More →

Envirolution would like to highlight one of our amazing community partners and send a huge thank you to Wood Rodgers for hosting a 2nd volunteer material preparation event! Employees volunteered their time after hours to help prepare materials for our Energy & Electricity Unit, our Solar Energy Lesson, and our Passive Heating lesson!  Wood Rodgers employees are also some of our newest STEAM guest speakers. If you’re interested in volunteering with students and becoming a STEAM guest speaker, please contact Aimee at aimee.frugoli@envirolution.org. Read More →