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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2021 LogoFebruary 25th, 2021

We went virtual!

During our fourth year of partnership, Envirolution and Tesla brought this virtual event to over 1,000 students across the nation from 140 schools and 39 school districts complete with factory tours and interactive videos. All participants got an exclusive look inside the innovative tech company, showcasing the variety of engineering careers and the inspiring women behind them. The day concluded with Envirolution leading a hands-on activity highlighting the basics of the electric motor and the essential engineering design process.  The testimonials and the pre/post surveys from students show that they logged off with a sense of empowerment and awareness of the opportunities available to them. On February 25th, each student received a kit complete with all of the necessary materials needed to engage in this event as well as a commemorative T-shirt.

Simple Motor Selfie
Share a photo of yourself in your shirt with your simple motor and tag us to enter in a chance to win more awesome prizes! # Engineerlikeagirl #IGED2021 #Simplemotorselfie @Envirolution  #Envirolution

Check out our 2021 IGED Impact Report:

Simple Motor Selfie Winners

Haley from Nevada
Danielle From Califorina
Jenna from Nevada
Abigale from New York
Aavineet from California
Neha from California
Kaitlyn from New York
Lanie from Nevada
Riley from Nevada
Heather from Califorina
Grace from Califorina
Mahita from Califorina
Jaycee from California
Layla from California
Akshara from California
Shyanne from Nevada
Eleanor from Nevada

Q&A Highlights
Wow, we couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality and QUANTITY of questions, we had over 6,000! 

What’s NEXT???
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Last year’s shirt was so popular, we’ve ordered enough so that you may purchase an extra one!  (all proceeds go directly toward supporting teachers and students involved in Envirolution’s programs.) *Shirt sizes are now limited.

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