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Project ReCharge offers three types of Professional Learning for our unique STEAM curriculum. Click on the circles to find out more! 

Teachers that participate in Professional Learning (PL) engage in numerous hands-on, energy-focusedƒ activities including solar panels and experimenting with different passive cooling techniques on a model house. They also participate in lessons on sustainability, wind, solar, and electrical generation, and the importance of the building envelope. These are just a few lessons that are a part of the  Project ReCharge curriculum. 

100% of teachers

would recommend PRC to other teachers!

98% of Teachers

agree that the Project ReCharge professional learning enhances
their STEAM curriculum.

100% of teachers

Gained new ideas, strategies, or supplementary information to complement my lessons

To date, Project ReCharge student-led sustainability projects have helped to save communities over $1 Million Dollars!  For more information on Project ReCharge Student Projects and the Project ReCharge Celebration, please click HERE.

Check out the full recruitment packet by clicking the picture on the left!

“I am blown away with the materials provided and so grateful for the support provided for teachers in their classrooms. The open communication and constant feedback to meet teachers needs is incredible.”

— Project ReCharge Complete Participant